The Pilot and the Explorer


The Explorer hurried through the crowd, intently watching the fluttering thing in the sky through his goggles. It was a Paruscan gamma fly, and it could only be seen through a particular filter. The kind of filter which he had, of course, just programmed into the display of his goggles to be able to see the rare creature. He simply had to know where it had come from, because it wasn’t native here on Peresphone. Not to mention the fact that most rare insect species weren’t typically found in busy city markets.

Running ahead through the crowd, the Explorer suddenly hit something- well, someone- going in the opposite direction. By the time he realized he had just ran into a person, he had lost his focus on the fly, and it had flown away, past what he could see at the speed it was flying. Annoyed at having lost the chase, he looked forward at the man he had run into. “Sorry-” he said, starting to waive the man off before continuing, but then quickly stopping and grabbing the stranger’s shoulder as something about the man struck him. With a quick motion, he moved the green-lensed goggles up onto his forehead, giving the man a scrutinizing stare as he raised a single eyebrow questioningly. “Nice shirt. You’re definitely not from this planet, are you? Clothing’s far too happy looking for what I’ve seen on the rest of the folks around here. Course, neither am I, but… What brings you here? Just a curious bloke being curious,” he said, turning the scrutinizing stare into a friendly, if slightly goofy, smile.

It was a standard job - no frills and, for once, on crime. Just pick up the goods and drop them with the buyer on Persephone. And luckily for them, they’d managed it without expending bullets. Ah, the little things in life, Wash thought to himself as he strolled down the busy docks. He was scouting out fuel prices, looking for the best supplier to fill up Serenity before they took off the next afternoon. He’d made it half way to the main market when he was promptly knocked backwards, the wind escaping him in a loud oof.

"What the hell?!" he cried as he regained his balance and shot an annoyed glare at the other… oddly dressed man. He took a step back as the man stared at him. Wash smoothed shirt protectively. "Yeah. Thanks," he said dubiously. "Guess I’m just one of the pleasanter folks." A wry smile quirked at the corners of his mouth. "Not like you’re dressed to blend in yourself there, buddy," he said, pointing at the goggles. His brow furrowed a little, wondering why the guy was so curious. "Just passing through. You know how it goes," he said with shrug, flashing the guy a pleasant smile.


She could tell how uneasy he was, she could feel the fear and unease burning through him but she wasn’t going to comment because it was running through her too. She’d been stuck on this ghost ship alone for two days now. She was rather sympathetic to his feelings. She brought him to the cockpit and gestured around. “It, uh, looks like a cockpit to me. But that’s about all I know.” she admitted. Nothing seemed out of place, autopilot was engaged still but something just felt wrong about the place. She shifted next to him, glancing over. “This place… it doesn’t feel right.”


"Yeah, this looks to be the place," he said, forcibly injecting more cheer into his voice than he felt. Whether it was for her benefit or his, he couldn’t quite tell. Wash wandered over to the pilot’s chair and the controls splayed out in front of it. He slipped into the seat and began to look around, toggling switches and pushing at buttons, testing all the normal resets he knew. But there was no luck. "Yeah, this… This is weird." He frowned, some of the fear draining away as he focused on the problem before him. "We’re probably gonna have to get underneath. See if it’s a wiring problem. At the very least, we might be able to get a few of the basic systems up and running." Wash looked up at her again. "You’ve really got no idea what did this?"

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"To fix it? Or for you to help," he said, smirking.

"To fix it, ya jerk!" Clint smiled, rolling his eyes.

"You coulda fooled me," Wash shot back with a grin before turning his attention back to the panel in front of him.

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"Um… Thanks?"

Harley did a confused sort of saunter after him.
"I was part of a crew till about… 15 minutes ago."

"I loved… I loved being part of a crew. Crew is like… family. Well, I-I mean. Not that much, I guess. Other crews seem more like family than ours was. Oh, well. What… what um… position are you? What do you, what’s the phrase… do?" Her words were slurred, and she kept forgetting what she was talking about. At least she wasn’t in pain as of now.

"Yeah. They’re family for sure," he said, giving her an awkward smile. He wasn’t sure what to make of this girl. Apart from the fact that she was clearly in trouble, there was something about her. Something… odd. Chuckling to himself, Wash figured he wasn’t much of one to judge and kept leading her towards the ship. "My position? Pilot - the one and only."

He stuck his hands in his pockets. “So you were on your own crew, huh? What happened? I mean… I’m guessin’ something not so good,” he said, nodding to her injury pointedly.

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