Gossipy Married Idiots || Wash and Zoe


"Got a problem with fugitives, do you?" Zoe quirked an eyebrow, a small smirk playing at her lips. She couldn’t say whether or not Serenity and her crew counted as fugitives. That implied being wanted and there wasn’t a planet save for the rim that would let them so much as dock without some weariness. "Well, don’t matter, unless we adopt the good Doctor or let Kaylee go, the two won’t be seenin’ that much of each other after we hit Whitefall." It was true though. Kaylee deserved some fun. They all did. But unless Patience was more than reasonable, didn’t look like Mal would be offering up vacation time anytime soon. And bringing it up around Wash, especially when things were so nice, Zoe wasn’t gonna touch that.

He grinned back at her and simply shrugged. “Well, I dunno. They’re pretty dangerous, wouldn’t you say?” he said, leaning his forehead against hers. “Not sure they can be trusted around little Kaylee.” He shrugged and sat back. “But you’re right. Either way, it’s not gonna be much of anything. Too bad. Seems like a decent guy. Probably.” Wash sighed at the mention of Whitefall. He still wasn’t sure what the captain wanted with that place anyway. There had to be other options! But when Mal made up his mind… he’d made up his mind. “Whitefall. Yeah… Remind me why the hell we’re goin’ there again?”


"Zoe ain’t gonna be to thrilled to hear we got stranded again. Don’t think she was to trilled with you coming along after last time."


"Ya think?!" Wash snapped. It was frustration, really. He huffed out a breath and walked towards where the shuttle had been. "Guess we could ask around? See if anybody saw where they hell they took it? Or - y’know - who took it.”

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Jolly Holiday || Wash and Zoe (and Danny)


"How the hell does he know what an ice planet is?" Zoe looked in amused amazement as Danny ran ahead, full of excitement over, well, life at the moment. "Kaylee’s been spoilin’ ‘im. Shoulda seen that coming."

It took all Zoe had not to laugh at Wash’s attempt to get their son to slow down. The kid wasn’t stupid, though, he knew as well as Zoe did just how empty Wash’s threats were. Man was a lotta things. But stern? Not so much. “Danny!” Zoe’s voice boomed and Danny’s run immediately reduced itself to a manageable trot. 

"You were sayin’, dear?" It was a gloat. No other word for it. Zoe couldn’t help it, she grinned over at Wash, giving his hand a squeeze. "I’m electin’ you to carry ‘im when that inevitable crash happens."

Wash grinned sheepishly. He should probably mention it wasn’t just Kaylee who’d given the kid ice planets. There was no getting around it - he was a sucker and had a hard time saying no. Well, usually. Especially when it got Danny to sit still for ten minutes. He looked over at his wife, one eyebrow raised. “What’d you expect? I mean, she took a shine to him the second she saw him! Could be worse than ice planets, I guess…”

He snorted when Danny slowed down at Zoe’s command. Yep. No surprise there. He supposed some guys might be bothered by the fact their wife was tougher. But he just found it a relief. He got to be the fun parent! Besides, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t find it - well - kinda hot… “Nothing,” he replied with a grin. “Not saying anything at all.”

Wash rolled his eyes. “Aw gee thanks. What’d I do to deserve this honor?” he teased. They had just about caught up to Danny now - his legs being a helluva lot shorter than theirs. Wash ruffled the boy’s hair. “C’mon, buddy. You know better than boltin’ off in a crowd like that…”

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Anonymous whispered: "Daddy!!" she shouts and wraps her arms around his calf in a hug. -emmawashburnes

Wash chuckled and ruffled his daughters hair. “Heya kiddo!”

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